Mike Davey

Challenges for District 112

Mike Davey

Managing Traffic and Mass Transit

We have to get out in front of our community’s growth. Traffic congestion is the first issue people bring up. I want to work with FDOT to see how we expand our rail system and other modes of transportation to alleviate the crush on our roads

Repairing and Improving Our Roads

Along the same lines, we need to work on the existing transportation infrastructure, which is rapidly reaching the end of its utility lifecycle. There are too many bridges and elevated roadways in Miami to ignore the looming problem. We have to plan now so that we do not have tragedies in the future.

Modernizing Our Infrastructure

Less apparent, but just as important, is ensuring that our water and sewer systems are modernized. Our residents should never face a situation where they cannot trust the water they drink. Moreover, our bays and beaches, which attract much of our tourism revenue, must be protected from the potential disaster of our sewage and wastewater system collapsing.

Job Growth

All of these projects lead to the creation of new jobs. At the same time, we need to work to create incentives for companies to invest in Florida, while ensuring that there is accountability for those incentives. We have an improving system of higher education, which offers companies a pool of young job seekers to choose from. Incentives tied to measurable performance (e.g., tax abatements tied to job creation) need to be implemented to create opportunities for more Floridians. But, if Florida’s taxpayers are going to be asked to support incentives, they MUST be tied to performance (i.e., tax abatements delivered only AFTER job creation confirmed) and we need to insist on accountability, transparency, expense controls, and diligent stewardship.  This is our money, after all.

Public Safety

Public Safety remains a very important concern for many residents of our community. We need to work to ensure that our public safety departments are adequately staffed and are provided with the best resources available to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents.

Improving Education

More has to be done for our children’s education. There is no question that we need to be able to measure achievement and improvement in our students. However, the intense focus placed on testing distracts from the real goal of educating. We need a balance. Lockstep advancement does not work. Students learn at different rates, depending on ability, living conditions, and maturity.

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